The history of Lufthansa Flight Training

Lufthansa Flight Training's Flight Attendant School has been training generation after generation of professional service staff since as long ago as 1955. The Pilot School in Bremen, which now belongs to Lufthansa Flight Training, began training pilots a year later in 1956. The first pilots to train on a so called Lufthansa link simulator - a forerunner to today's full-flight simulators - did so in 1957.

In 1990, in an effort to coordinate and consolidate its expertise, Lufthansa assembled and combined all of its training offers for flight personnel in a newly-founded, independent training division. On 1 January 1997, the entire training division for Lufthansa flight personnel was outsourced off into an independent organization: Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH.

In addition to its cockpit and cabin crew training portfolio, Lufthansa Flight Training is also continually modernizing and expanding its fleet of full-flight simulators. The company's international expansion continues to forge ahead with joint ventures and holdings, as it establishes new subsidiaries and develops new markets.

The opening of the Lufthansa Flight Training Center on 1 April 2000 saw Lufthansa Flight Training once again set new standards. The center in Frankfurt/Main assembles the entire training portfolio under a single roof and lays the foundation for further expansion. The product portfolio is complemented by additional cockpit simulators in Berlin.

The Vienna Aviation Campus opened in 2006 allowing Lufthansa Flight Training to supplement its existing offer of cockpit and cabin crew training in Munich and Zurich.

In the year 2012, Lufthansa Flight Training starts with a new corporate structure: The company's services are now concentrated in three business areas of simulator training, safety & service training and flight schools.