Managed by experience

Rainer Hiltebrand

In 1978, Rainer Hiltebrand completed his pilot training at the Schweizerische Luftverkehrsschule (Swiss Aviation School - SLS). After this, he was a pilot at Swissair and also took on various management roles there - as an instructor, chief flight instructor, and chief pilot. He was responsible for all flight operations between 2001 and 2002. From 2002 to 2010, Mr. Hiltebrand held a top management position at Flughafen Zurich AG, where he was responsible for operations and airport management. Between May 2010 and January 2016, Mr. Hiltebrand was chief operating officer and a member of the board of directors at Swiss International Air Lines AG. Alongside this, he was also a member of the executive board and a committee member at Aerosuisse (governing body of Swiss aerospace), president of the board of directors at Swiss European Lines AG, a member of the board of directors at Edelweiss Air AG as well as a member and then president of the board of directors at Swiss Aviation Training AG. Up until the founding of Lufthansa Aviation Training in Munich in the fourth quarter of 2016, Mr. Hiltebrand took over management of Lufthansa Flight Training in Frankfurt on 1st February 2016.


Tiziana Heilig

Tiziana Heilig has been managing director of Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH since December 2013. After many years working for various tax consultancy firms and companies in the tourism and outdoor sector, she began her career with the Lufthansa Group in 2000. She started out at the Lufthansa station. Afterwards she became team leader in corporate accounting. From 2006 until 2007 she worked in the staff development department of Lufthansa AG before moving to Swiss International Air Lines Ltd in 2008 to take up a position as senior manager of process & projects financial accounting.

The following year, Tiziana Heilig was appointed director head of finance international and process & projects financial accounting at SWISS. In this role she oversaw an extensive international project concerned with bringing together the finance, HR, and administrative functions in the foreign business units of SWISS and Lufthansa. In 2011 she was appointed vice president, head of corporate controlling.