Type Rating Instructor (TRI) Course

The aim of the leadership seminars for captains in training is the further development of leadership capabilities and an increase in flight safety. The training combines the subject areas of professional expertise, cockpit requirements, and psychology.

The TRI seminar is a requirement for the initial acquisition of a TRI instructor license. In the seminar, the participants become acquainted with the basics of professional instructing and the background to learning behavior with regard to their future duties as a TRI. Content includes the analysis and development/conception of teaching material, the relaying of teaching and learning content, and the testing and evaluation of performance. The seminar can be booked completely for groups or for individual participants.

There are still individual spots available for this training session.

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The refresher training course for experienced instructors and examiners is suitable as a method of reentry to TRI activity and as further qualification for TRI or type rating examiner (TRE). Knowledge and repetition of aspects of teaching and learning are foregrounded in the course.

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