Three worlds, one common aim

In all training areas - service, emergency, and human factors - your wishes and requirements are our top priority. This is why we are happy to implement combined specialist training or the complete training of your cabin personnel. In training modules composed individually for you, we combine all three topic areas to reflect your requirements.

The basic training for prospective cabin personnel presents the three topic areas - emergency, service, and human factors - in a balanced relationship and builds methodically and educationally on current pedagogic findings in education for adults. The modular training method makes it possible to flexibly, and therefore precisely, meet customer demands in terms of time and content. On request, the training can be preceded by an online training session, allowing course participants to be prepared for the face-to-face training.


This conversion training prepares cabin personnel for the type-specific peculiarities of an aircraft and the consequent working roles on board. The focus is on technical and specialized/aircraft-related topics and peculiarities or differences in service work flows and tasks.